Barb and Xenia visit Kirkland

Xenia had four days off from school this weekend so Barb took some time off too and visited me in Kirkland rather than me driving home to Moscow this weekend while James and the two attack dogs and two flesh eating cats guarded the Huffman-Scott compound.  Yesterday was mostly consumed with shopping at “thrift stores.”  It always seems to me it would be much more thrifty to not go shopping at all, but that argument is always met with such a clamor that I seldom bring it up regardless of the unassailable logic.  We had lunch at a Japanese buffet which was very nice.  Today we visited the Seattle Center and had lunch in the restaurant at the top of the Space Needle.

Pictures are here.

Update: Xenia posted some more pictures.

2 thoughts on “Barb and Xenia visit Kirkland

  1. I personally recommend against eating at the restaurant at the top of the Space Needle. It’s overpriced, and I thought the food wasn’t very good. The view is excellent, but you can go to the observation deck above the restaurant and get the view for as long as you want.

    When the wife and I go to Seattle, we usually go to the Claimjumper by the Southcenter Mall. Excellent food, but don’t expect to eat dessert unless you take home half your meal, and everybody shares the dessert…

    The Underground tour is excellent.

  2. Yes. It’s overpriced. The food has always been good for us. But the main reason to go is for “the atmosphere”.

    We lived in the Seattle are for 13 years so know most of the sights and restaurants. Xenia only vaguely remembered the Seattle Center and wanted to go back to refresh her memory. The Space Needle was just one of those sort of refresher things we decided to do.

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