This is what happens with victimless ‘crimes’

The police commit the ‘crime’ in order to get evidence:

According to court documents, Spotsylvania detectives paid three visits to the Moon Spa in January and received massages, baths and sex acts on four occasions. Smith previously told The Post it was not the first time his agency has employed the full-contact method, which he said is essential because many prostitutes avoid verbally incriminating themselves. Several legal and law enforcement experts said the practice is rarely used, if ever, and might amount to breaking the law.

In their news release, Smith and Neely said that undercover officers often purchase illegal drugs to build cases against dealers and that the “same lawful investigative technique” was used in the prostitution cases. A Virginia law banning drug possession exempts law-enforcement officers who possess narcotics as part of their job duties. The prostitution statute makes no such exception.

Another case of “The law doesn’t apply to us.”  Jerks.

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