Deductions for sex tools

I don’t go along with the idea of taxing income so “deductions” don’t really excite me all that much–they should make deductions not applicable to taxes.  Deductions are just the government attempting to screw people a little bit less, but we are still screwed.  Anyway, Australia is going to be doing less screwing of prostitutes:

STRIPPERS and prostitutes will be allowed to claim condoms, lingerie, oils and other “tools of the trade” as tax deductions under new rules issued by the Tax Office.

In a directive obtained by The Daily Telegraph, the Australian Taxation Office informs sex workers that they should also claim for their exotic dancing lessons.

Damaged bondage equipment and “adult novelties” are also listed as valid tax deductions.

Sex workers who keep a separate premises will also be able to claim a deduction on their accommodation costs – even if it is a room rented by the hour.