Opening arguments to verdict in 10 hours

Yesterday the court began jury selection for the Michael Williams murder trial.  At 15:38 today I received a call from Williams.  He told me the trial had just gone to the jury.  He said he had lots of stories to tell from the trial but I was busy at work and couldn’t take the time right then.  I told him I would call him back later this evening.  At 18:39, as I was about to leave work, he called me again.  The verdict was in–Voluntary Manslaughter.  This was in the case where the prosecutor insisted Williams was guilty of first degree murder.  Williams remains a free man while the judge decides on a sentence.  Williams is very happy about the result.  The family of the dead man, of course, is not at all happy and Williams had an armed escort to his car and out of the parking lot.

He is to email me more stories which I agreed to post.

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6 thoughts on “Opening arguments to verdict in 10 hours

  1. I never realized that a trial could go so fast, but it did. Now they can stop calling him a murderer. I really amazes me that even though the Judge ruled his ex-wifes testimony prejudicial that the media still allowed her to spout her lies about him the night before his trial began, once again trying to bias the jury against him, guess what it didn’t work. We are happy with the verdict and now await sentencing from the Judge. The jury who came back after only 2 1/2 hours did a good and respectable job. Thank you for keeping everybody informed. Michael Williams’s Sister Teresa.

  2. You aren’t going to find anything from his ex spouting anything. I checked the newspaper and TV reports, nothing from the ex anywhere.

  3. Maybe Michael’s sister can point us in the direction of the information that she found regarding the ex’s comments.

  4. From what I read and heard It sounds like Michael should go to prison for a long time. His whole family sounds nuts.

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