Xenia’s murder trial

Xenia went on trial for murder this weekend–actually there were three trials.  She was found not guilty in the first two by a votes of 10-2 and 9-3.  Barb figured with her brother on the second jury she would be found guilty for certain.  But I knew him better than she did.  There was no way with the ‘evidence’ given that he would vote for a conviction let alone try and convince other jurors.  Just before the third trial, as I was about to leave for the Seattle area, I gave her a handcuff key just in case they convicted her.  She was found guilty but didn’t need the key because she was able to squeeze out of the handcuffs.

It was a good performance.  I didn’t realize Ayn Rand had written any plays.  This was apparently her first and it shows it in many ways but it wasn’t really bad.  When Xenia got on the stand and told the court she had been raped by her employer ten years earlier on her first day at work and was proud to became his mistress from there after we gave each other “the look”.  Yup, just the part Xenia would like to play.  Check out the pictures Xenia has on her Live Journal.


2 thoughts on “Xenia’s murder trial

  1. You knew she had written plays, you just forgot. Remember I bought that collection of her unpublished works in Chicago? Well one of them was a murder mystery play that I told you about. In fact I think I loaned you the book and you might still have it. Either that or I lost it.

  2. I still have the book next to my bed. I haven’t read anything in it for quite a while now. It seems there is always sometime that is a higher priority.

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