A bias against self-defense part II

Michael Charles Williams

I received two calls from Michael Charles Williams today.  I was driving to work the first time and couldn’t take notes but here is what I remember.  Where I could I found news stories that relate to what he told me:

  • Adams (the guy Williams shot three times) had a long rap sheet.  His associates have criminal records too.
  • Adams was partway into Williams truck through the window by the time the last shot was fired.
  • Today the prosecuting attorney tried to get the blood alcohol content of Adams (0.327–legally drunk in Idaho is 0.08) ruled inadmissible in court.  He failed.
  • The ex-wife testimony was ruled inadmissible. The prosecutor was virtually begging for it to be admissible and said he would “go all the way to the Supreme court” to achieve that.
  • There are no other witnesses that claim Williams “was looking for someone to kill.”
  • Detectives didn’t try to get fingerprints or other evidence off of the truck.
  • The first detective and Williams knew each other in high school 15 years prior and had a bad history between them.
  • The first detective had a good relationship with Adams family.
  • Williams had some handgun training in the military but no formal training on civilian self defense.
  • The gun was a “brand new” Springfield 1911 style compact in .45 ACP with “self-defense ammo”.
  • The prosecutor has a conceal weapons license.
  • The prosecutor once shot at, in error, a plainclothes police officer.
  • At my suggestion the defense attorney plans to call SAF.
  • Williams thanked me profusely for “helping” (not sure I have actually done much).
  • Williams said he sent a link to my previous blog posting to friends, family, and his private investigator.  My log files have confirmation of such traffic.
  • His sister is digging up more newspaper stories for me to put on the web and comment on.

11 thoughts on “A bias against self-defense part II

  1. REALLY famaliar with this guy. Know the EX’s family quite well. Quite possibly he is NOT what he says he is. Be very careful about backing him. It has nothing to do with firearms or the right to carry at all.

  2. I’m aware of the possibility. I’m trying very hard to just report facts and not take a side on this other than pointing out bias in the reporting.

  3. Scott, we ain’t talking about “who he says he is”. We ARE talking about the actions he has taken and if those actions qualify as a crime, let alone murder.

    Nice to be able to pick and choose those you stand beside after weeding out anyone who drives a Chevy, instead of your favorite Ford. Heck, since this guy served in the military that would be enough for a lot of idiots to scream baby killer, and let him fry for jay-walking.

    Everyone has a history that some will disagree with. This guy could be a full fledged rasist of the worse kind, truthfully I don’t give a crap. It’s what happened that night behind that bar and the actions that he took in response.

    Are there really people out there that are waiting for Snow White to get thrown in prison before they stand up against injustice? Or will they claim Snow White was dressed to provocatively in the wrong neighborhood, therefore she should fry too?

  4. Scott,
    Why don’t you let us in on what you know and that way we will be more aware on this guy Michael Williams. That way we have both sides of the story. Are you willing to do this or are you just going to give us little bits and pieces of the story hoping we will take your side. From what I read of the newspaper articles his ex-wife wasn’t there so as far as I am concerned what does she have to do with this but to slander her ex-husband. What is your personal relationship with this family, it seems to me that you are only going on the heresay of a disgruntled ex-wife. Everyone deserves their day in court, and when they walk in that courtroom they are innocent until proven guilty, and then it is the juries responsibility to determine through the evidence given, just how guilty this man is. All I can see through the local papers where this man lives is bias from the Prosecutor and the reporter. Everytime something is written it is different, whatever happened to consistency.

  5. Yeah, looks like you guys are right. Nothing but heresay and bits and pieces of nothing much. Wil just sit back and shut up and mind my own business.

  6. Nobody said you had to just sit back and shut up but you can at least back up your words and let us know what you know instead of just inuendos. If your information is factual let us hear it but if you are friends of the family and they have nothing to back up what they say why would you believe 100% what is said? I would hate to think that someone could say something like that about me and all of a sudden I have a reputation that has nothing to do with who I am.

  7. Joe states “I’m trying very hard to just report facts and not take a side on this other than pointing out bias in the reporting.” Every story has two sides. You claim that the newspapers are bias against Williams, however all of your information comes from Michael and his family. Is this not bias? Chris Adams wasn’t the only one with a “rap” sheet that was there that night. With any investigating you would find that his brother Doug spent several years in prison for beating a young child nearly to death. I also find it facinating that all the blood evidence was found 11 feet from Michael Williams truck. This must have been a difficult feat considering he claims to have shot him in side the truck where no blood was found. Mike Williams was at the bar that night as well, what was his blood alcohol? ON that same note, if Chris Adams was so intoxicated how much of a threat could he actually have been? Michael stated that he was in such fear for his life even after Chris Adams was on the ground but this seems to be contradicted with his other statement that he unloaded is weapon and waited for police to arrive. If he was so scared for his life, even while Chris lay dying on the ground, why would he unload his gun? Interesting that MIke Williams had such a bad history with the detective considering that he did not graduate from high school and dropped out when he was a freshman. It just sounds childish. What could have been so bad at the age of 16 that would carry over for more than 15 years? You state that he had “self-defense ammo”, which for any gun owner amounts to hollow point bullets.

    On your blog you state that Michael Williams called you and stated that he was satisfied with the verdict, I bet he was, he got away with murder.

  8. This Williams gives citizans who cherish the bill of rights heart burn. The second amendment gurantees the people the right to keep and bare arms, and I am one of its strongst defenders. With that right comes responsibility. You should check thsi guy out before you make yourselves look like fools. He was’nt in the military, be was discharged from National Guard boot camp after 4 weeks because he couldn’t take it. Is that your idea of a hero? He stated the man he killed had a record. You may want to check out his brother Doug who was with him at the scene, a convicted felon who servrd time for beating up a little child. Where was Dougs testenmony on behalf of his brother? Maybe it was to damning? Williams testified in court that Adams lundged at him in his truck. Not only does this conflict with the other three witnesses, but it conflicts with his own testimony the night of the murder. The coroner’s report stated that the wounds were consistent with adams moving and falling away from the gun fire. There was no blood evidence found on the truck, in the truck or on Williams. Williams stated after he shot Adams he unloaded his gun set it on the console of his truck and called 911. Does that sound like a person fearing for there life? He did’nt flee the scene to safety because he was never in danger. As for his ex-wife, he treaten to kill her numerious times and would tell his 4 year old son he was going to shoot mommy in the liver and watch her die slow. Thats why he had a restraining order agaist him. A restraining order has to have some merits of fact or it won’t be issued.
    If this is the guy you want for your poster boy, knock yourself out, but you will just be marginalized to knuckel dragging, redneck lunatic fringe. Don’t take my word for these facts talk to the coroner, check the military records, talk to the domestic violence case worker , Blackfoot News Archives, etc. like I did.

  9. I’m not saying Williams is a hero. All I have done is provide links to the stories I read, commented on them, and reported what Williams told me on the phone. The record his brother has or doesn’t have seems irrelevent. It was Michael on trial, not Doug. The judge had the opportunity to allow testimony from his ex and decided against it. The jury was presented with the evidence and made a decision. I have no reason to believe the decision was wrong.

  10. mike sounds like a coward to me. Why didn’t he get out of the truck and fight fst to fist like a man. Chris Adams didnt have any weapons. If Chris Adams was so intoxicated, couldn’t you have beat him with your fist you coward.26EDR

  11. Seems Micheals family has nothing left to say that is actually factual!

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