Boomershoot update

I’ve update several of the pages on  The most changes were on the general information page.

The news release for Boomershoot 2006 is available now.  See it here.  Send copies to whoever, media or not, you think might be interested.

There are still 26 positions available.  The last week of February is typically when the biggest surge of entries comes in.

There is going to be a similar event in Missouri on April 23rd.  I’ve been giving the organizer a little bit of help via email but other than that I won’t have any involvement.

Update: I’ve been forgetting to mention that the portable toliets have been ordered, the caterer has us on his schedule, and the last of the chemicals have been ordered.  The only remaining items to be purchased are the boxes used for target containers and possibly a few more stakes to put the targets on.  On the portable toilets… I forgot to look at them at the end of the on Sunday.  Did we fill them up?  Were there long lines?  Do I need to get a third toilet this year?

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  1. I left during the last Boomerhunting session Sunday and used one of the toilets right before I drove off. It wasn’t even close to full.

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