Giving cousin Karen a hard time

Karen and I grew up on farms just 3/4 of a mile apart.  She is a few years older than me and I fondly remember her reading books to me before I could read.  My family would visit her family and after a while our parents were too boring to listen to anymore she would be tasked with keeping me entertained.  I’ve always been very proud of her.  She was valedictorian of her high school class and later became a lawyer.  After several years of mostly corporate law she became a judge–an Idaho State Appeals court judge.  I don’t get to see her very often anymore.  She lives in Boise now which is 300 miles from my home in Moscow.  Sometimes at Christmas and a few other family gatherings we get a chance to chat some.  When I got a mention in Newsweek for Boomershoot she told me that I had topped her single sentence mention in USA Today when she was appointed.  Today she got a mention in the Seattle PI:

“The state’s interest in apprehending re-offending sex offenders was not rationally advanced by a classification that differentiated between offenders based solely upon their date of entry into the state,” Judge Karen Lansing wrote for the court. “Because the statutory provision under which he was convicted was unconstitutional, however, Dickerson’s conviction for failure to register must be reversed.”

I can’t wait to hear what her brother has to say about this.  One of the cases Karen worked on before she became a judge was a case where someone (I think he was associated with a school) was accused of sexual impropriety with a child.  As part of the investigation the guy took a test where they put fairly tight fitting paper band around his penis then showed him images of young children.  After showing the images for a few minutes they examined the paper band and it was found to be broken–indicating he had been sexually aroused by the sight of the young children.  If I recall the case correctly Karen was defending the school for not taking appropriate action against this accused pedophile.  Karen’s brother took great pleasure in asking at every opportunity how her “Peter Meter” case was going.

This case isn’t going to make life any easier for Karen.  I just emailed her brother a link to the article.