Moment of truth

This post on a new blog, face of muhammed, articulates the concept Ry suggested to me the other day quite well:

A new non-political international movement is rising.

4000 terror attacks after 9/11, the world was still slumbering. But 12 innocent satirical drawings in a Danish newspaper, the kind of cartoons printed daily by the thousands in newspapers all over the world, have changed the geopolitical situation.

Suddenly, a new understanding is emerging across political differences.

In recent years, the world crisis between Islam and the non-Muslim world has been discussed in thousands of books, countless television debates and millions of articles across the globe. It did nothing but divide us. Even former western allies were divided, and a wave of anti-Americanism has swept even the free western societies.

Now ridiculous circumstances have changed all that. A sense of humour has changed what all the debating could not.

Read it all.

3 thoughts on “Moment of truth

  1. Three cheers for Joe Huffman. Here is somebody unafraid to tell it like it is. I too am well fed up with these animals. I think it is time for the rest of the world to turn our backs on this type of people and let them rot in the desert like they deserve. Don’t spend our money and knowledge to improve their way of life by giving them electrical power, clean water systems, proper medical education as well as helping to educate their children which will only grow up to hate every one else and want to kill those that don’t kneel down on mats three times a day. Send ’em all back to the desert so they can finish raping their cattle and sheep. I’ve had it…

  2. While I tend to agree with the contents of this posting there is no real significant original content of mine.

  3. I guess ignorance has 2 names Joe Huffman and Carl Lezcano. Why don’t you stick to farming potatoes in Idaho.


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