U.K. is realizing it’s worst fear

Considering some of the crazy things the Brits have done in relation to firearms it should come as no surprise they are creating the circumstances in which their worst fears are realized:

Muggings and violent attacks up by more than 10%
By Richard Ford, Home Correspondent

MUGGINGS and violent attacks on people soared by more than 10 per cent in the third quarter of last year as the police struggled to contain street crime, according to figures published yesterday.

Street robbery is rising at its fastest since Tony Blair demanded action three years ago by the Home Office and police to tackle the issue.

Robberies soared by 11 per cent on top of a 4 per cent increase in the second quarter of last year. The Metropolitan Police has said that one of the main factors behind an increase in mugging in London is the rising number of portable hi-tech goods, such as mobile phones and MP3 players. In the weeks after the July 7 bombings, muggings in London rose 23 per cent after thousands of police were sent to guard the capital’s transport network.

Gun crime rose by 1 per cent in the year to the end of September 2005, to more than 11,000 incidents. Violence against the person rose 4 per cent overall, although more serious cases including homicide, threats to murder and serious woundings fell by 10 per cent.

Offences in lower category crimes such as less serious woundings rose by 10 per cent. Serious injuries from gun crime rose by 18 per cent to 470 in the year to the end of September but the number of deaths from gun incidents fell by more than one third to 50 compared with 80 in the previous year.

I find it engages my sick sense of humor that they blame the increase in muggings on the rising number of portable hi-tech goods.  Do they even hear what they are saying?  Muggers don’t attack someone they think has a fair chance being their equal.  They “interview” their potential victim and attack those that look and act like “grass eaters”.  Carrying a concealed firearm makes the victim selection process much more difficult and if that process misses something the possibility of catastrophic failure is quite high.  Muggings go way down when the wolves can’t distinguish between the sheep and sheep dogs.

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