Constitutional ignorance

Jon Armstrong was interviewed yesterday.  And in that interview he was asked what he would do if he were president of the US.  His answer caused one of those blank stares (type 1) in me for a few seconds:

I’d disband the military entirely and spend the money on teacher salaries as well as encouraging public innovation.

I’m nearly certain he is serious.  I looked at some of his blog postings and it’s entire consistent.  The defense of our nation via the military is one of the few things the U.S. Constitution grants the Federal Government the power to do and he would apparently leave us defenseless.  There is no Constitutional authority for spending money on teachers and he would do that.  I guess when he took the oath of office and said he would uphold the Constitution he would have his fingers crossed or something.  Of course that’s not really any different than it is with the bozos we have in government (at all levels) right now.  But when I say the Constitution isn’t even considered a strong suggestion it’s barking moonbats like this which prove my point.