Canadian gun registry hits

This is just a letter to the editor and in general these are extremely unreliable sources of information.  But if true it explains something that has bugged me for a while, “Why are there so many accesses to the Canadian gun registry?”

Every time a car’s licence plate is checked to see if it is a stolen car, or a driver’s licence is checked to see if it is suspended, a “hit” on the gun registry gets recorded. We see thousands of those each day, so what? None of them have anything to do with keeping guns away from criminals, which should be the primary role of any gun-control initiative. Not even its most adamant supporters claim that the gun registry does that.

The writer goes on to nail the real reason for the registry–it makes some people feel good:

It was an interesting idea which didn’t pan out; it’s now an extremely expensive pink elephant that people cling to because it gives them a warm fuzzy feeling. One thousand more police officers with state-of-the-art equipment will do a lot more to combat gang violence in Toronto than some inaccurate and error-filled list of who owns which duck hunting guns.

Elena Markina, Thornhill


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  1. Our Gun Registry is a Gong Show. It was sold by our former left-wing government as their apple pie “solution” to a crisis which didn’t exist – namely, the ominous threat of thousands of armed duck hunters and/or the crime wave caused by stolen hunting rifles and shotguns. Both of which are unadulterated B…S….

    Recently, four RCMP officers were shot in my home province, Alberta. Another female officer was just shot in Quebec. Checking the Gun Registry didn’t do them much good, did it?

    This law was sold as an “initiative” of the Coalition for Gun Control, led by an ardent disarmament activist, Wendy Cuikier who partnered with a survivor of the Montreal Massacre. This NGO was apparently funded by the Liberals but nobody knows for sure becuase they’ve never filed financials and the whole topic has become another Taboo that cannot be talked about.

    Visit the website of Breitkreuz, a Canadian MP for more facts. He’s fought this stupid waste of money for years.

    Your own violent crime rates decline while private gun ownership is at an all-time high. Canadian lemmings don’t want to talk about that.

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