National Ammo Day is site of the month

Kim du Toit should be proud.  “The Gun Guys” (anti-gun bigots) decided his National Ammo Day BUYcott website was worthy of being their site of the month.  Here is a sample of their bigotry:

…if du Toit really wants to support the gun industry, maybe he should just cut out the middleman and have a “Kill People Day.” One day a year, every gun owner would just kill a hundred people. It would accomplish the goals of the gun industry, without the trouble of going to the store and buying all that ammo!

Congratulations Kim!  Now if we could just get to be site of the month sometime.  As Ry said to me today on these nut cases, “Great!  Every bit of traffic helps.”

2 thoughts on “National Ammo Day is site of the month

  1. They’re right. The gun industry – a monolithic CABAL – a super secret, highly coordinated conspiracy bent on chaos, manufactures and sells guns for the sole purpose of facilitating murder and mayhem. Likewise, the one and only reason anyone would ever want a gun is to use it for murdering innocent people. It’s a waste of time mentioning the Constitution I know, but what would that say about the Founders? I suppose they were part of the evil conspiracy too. I guess that’s why America has been the scene of so much more killing of innocents than, say, China, the Soviet Union, Cambodia, North Korea, et al.

  2. Do we actually have to kill a hundred people on a single day? We family guys can’t take that much time out of our busy lives — gotta help the kids with homework, miscellaneous house or car repairs, maybe take care of supper. Just too much going on. Couldn’t we murder one random person every few days to get our annual quota in?

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