Remote searching of your body

There is a new tool for remotely searching your body even while you are moving.  Haven’t these people heard of the 4th Amendment?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006  E-Mail this article to a friend Printer Friendly Version

New US security device spots weapons under clothes

By Christian Wiessner

At its first public demonstration on Monday in New York, the device was able to detect a mock gun and a bomb replica, which the company said, was similar to that used by Al Qaeda

A new surveillance device using radio waves to look under peoples’ clothing for concealed guns, bombs or other weapons may be coming soon to a security checkpoint near you.

But the modest need not worry about screeners sneaking a voyeuristic peek because the system only identifies non-human material tucked inside clothing and does not convey images of the naked form underneath, the maker of the device – Brijot Imaging Systems Inc. of Orlando, Florida – said on Monday.

The BIS-WIDS Prime is the first and only surveillance camera that immediately detects and identifies the exact location of objects hidden beneath a person’s clothing while the person is in motion, the company said.

At its first public demonstration on Monday in New York, the device was able to detect a mock gun and a bomb replica the company said was similar to that used by Al Qaeda.

“The software in the machine itself actually looks at the person, looks at the objects, and actually tells you what it is and, most importantly, where it is on the body,” said Brijot Chief Executive Brian Andrew. “It doesn’t just go ‘bing’ like a metal detector. We can identify weapons’ shapes.”

The device uses computer panels that display images of the body to the security screener, with dark patches marking the location of hidden objects.

The invention was described by company officials as basically a small radio telescope that “sees” radio waves transmitted by the body. If a portion of the body is covered by something underneath clothing, no waves will transmit from that part of the body, raising a red flag to screeners.

“Our bodies radiate radio waves just like a cell phone does, and our camera sees that,” Andrew said.

Since when has the 4th Amendment been about voyeurs?  It’s about preventing a police state.  The use of this by the government or under the direction of government on the general public (in a prison situation, sure, that would be appropriate) fails my Jews In The Attic Test in a big way.

I helped design and build a device using similar technology that was intended to guiding a missle on it’s terminal descent to take out a tank when I worked at Boeing.  I made a simple change in the test unit such that it with the flip of a switch it would track humans instead of a tank.  It was rather creepy to have the seeker point at you as you walked across the room.

One way to defeat it is to create lots of false positives.  A sheet of aluminum foil will block these emissions from your body just as a firearm or other object will.  Sew them into your coat.  Cut them into shapes and make it appear as if you are carrying dozens of guns, drop them into the coat pockets of others, and put them into books and magazines in airport stores.

2 thoughts on “Remote searching of your body

  1. RF jamming might be another available counter measure. Either way, they’ll end up making a law against interfering or otherwise obstructing government surveillance methods. You’ll get arrested for carrying aluminum foil with that intent.
    A market niche will of course then arise for weapons that look innocuous to the detectors. These weapons will of course be illegal, but since regular weapons would presumably be illegal also, that wouldn’t be a factor.

  2. The “law against interfering” is the reason you put them in books, magazines, and coat pockets of random people. If enough “grannies” of the world and others that are obviously innocent of messing with “security” get caught then it makes it impossible to enforce.

    And besides, you can more easily get gun parts through security in your carry-on luggage than on your body. Unless you have small enough pieces they can be hidden in body cavities or under a roll of fat.

    As with the existing technology the only people that will caught carrying defensive tools on board will those that are innocent of ill intent.

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