This is what happens in places without guns–Case IX

From the U.K. Sun:

O’Mahoney used her video phone to film the attack that left David dying from 44 injuries, including a ruptured spleen and five fractured ribs.

She booted the 37-year-old’s head like a football as other gang members piled in, making sure she had it all on film.

She even gloated: “Pose for the camera.”

Three other members of O’Mahoney’s evil gang were sentenced to 12 years each for manslaughter — in a crime that shocked Britain.

The gang attacked SEVEN other victims later that night and filmed their agony in an orgy of violence on London’s South Bank.

After they were sentenced there were sickening scenes outside the court. Friends and relatives of the killers hurled insults at David’s pals and family, including his elderly dad Geoffrey.

They screamed and even made throat cutting gestures. Incredibly, one voice shouted: “Your friend has cost my cousin 12 years.”

Emphasis in the original.

Don’t you wish we too lived in a gun free paradise like the U.K.?

4 thoughts on “This is what happens in places without guns–Case IX

  1. Look at the bright side – no “gun crime” was committed, either by the perpetrators or the victim, i.e. no Nitrex was burned in this incident. Therefore all is well. (blistering sarcasm alert)

  2. (shrug) I’d do pretty well — I’m big, strong, and a medium-level black belt. Would suck to be a woman, or a kid, or old, or infirm, or small, though.

  3. I moved away from the U.K to Texas, and I feel safer here that I would walking the streets back in England, there are lots of “gang” like violence or ‘yobs’ as they call them.
    My siblings think the U.S is like the wild west, with gun fights, killings and all sorts of mayhem. I broke it to them gently since I have been here nine years, I have yet to see one person assaulted, or anyone draw a gun on anyone. I saw two people assaulted outside a night club the week before I left the U.K, and by far seen more assaults in the U.K than anywhere else I have been.

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