The price of ignorance

The news of Jill Carroll about to be killed by her abductors if all Iraqi women in military custody are not freed is incredibly disturbing to me.  But that does not mean I relieve her of the responsibility for her situation.  She and many others like her who persist in maintaining their ignorance of the threat posed by the Islamic extremists will continue to pay a heavy price for their willful ignorance.  These extremists literally say they have a religious duty to kill non-believers.  Unless she has converted to Islam and advocates the world-wide replacement of democracy by the rule of sexist religious extremists her situation should not come as a surprise to anyone.

While I hope and wish for a successful rescue of Ms. Carroll I think the odds of this are very low.  And certainly we should not release any prisoners, pay any ransom, or comply with any demands made by these criminals.  To do so would only put others at risk of similar abduction and death.  Her family and friends have my sympathy.

1 thought on “The price of ignorance

  1. To those like Jill Carroll I would say if you aren’t willing to risk the heat, stay out of the kitchen. These liberal wusses who think they can talk their way out of such situations as a war have a lot to learn. May God have mercy on her soul! Good bye, Jill!

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