U.K. legalizes small brothels

One has to wonder after recent news on the peeping toms behind the surveillance cameras if the U.K. government will be installing cameras for the additional protection of the prostitutes they claim they are trying to protect:

Government gives green light to brothels

The law is to be changed to allow up to three prostitutes to work legally in brothels, the Government has confirmed.

Currently only one prostitute can offer paid sex without breaking the law.

Launching the Home Office’s new prostitution strategy, minister Fiona Mactaggart said the current position meant that women were forced to work in unsafe conditions.

Today’s strategy document, which applies to England and Wales, said: “At present only one person may work as a prostitute – more than that … and the premises are classed in case law as a brothel.

“This runs counter to advice that women should not work alone in the interest of safety.

“The Government will make proposals for an amendment to the definition of a brothel so that two or three individuals may work together.”

Perhaps they are having trouble hiring people to monitor the cameras and they plan to use this in recruiting.