Quote of the day–The Gun Guys

What we really need to pass are laws that act before the crime has taken place– stop dealers from selling weapons without consequence to criminals. Outlaw weapons that have no civilian needs, like assault weapons or the .50 caliber sniper rifle. Shut down the newspaper and gun show loopholes. Those laws are the ones that will prevent violence. You can lock up all the criminals you want, but that won’t stop crime, because everyone we know in jail committed their crime before they got there.

The Gun Guys
January 13, 2006
[Excellent thinking.  We can also prevent drunk driving by banning alcohol, reckless driving by banning cars, rape by castrating all men, prostitution by…–Joe]

3 thoughts on “Quote of the day–The Gun Guys

  1. Great idea. Prior restraint – I think that’s illegal, but what the heck. I didn’t used to be a big fan of abortion, but upon reading some of the gun guys, I think that preventing mental retardation by acting before the “crime has taken place” would have been a good idea in their case.

  2. Prior restraint, unconstitional, whatever. Who cares? As long as we get rid of the guns it doesn’t matter what we have to do.

    I’ve sometimes considered retro-active abortion as a cure for that sort of thing. But actually I think these “gun guys” are a great asset to our side. They (or he/it/whatever) are so lacking in rational thought that it points out the weakness of their side.

  3. Joe, you are right – when your opponents are making fools of themselves, just stand aside and let them talk. Encourage them.

    Oh, and I wonder if there was ever any violence in all of human history before the invention of the gun. No, probably not. No. People were just super nice to one another at all times, I’m sure. No violent crime, no war, no slavery, just peace and happiness every day. Tra la la la….dancing in the flowers and the sunshine.

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