Reno could be interesting

I like Reno for some reason.  Las Vegas has it’s appeal but Reno isn’t bad.  I shot in the USPSA Area 1 competition there once.  It’s also fairly close to home as far as tourist cities go.  Mr. Completely has put up a trial balloon for a Gunblogger Rendezvous in Reno the first part of November.

Read his proposal and send him an email if you are interested.  That’s a long way into the future for me to be making plans for anything other than Boomershoot (which is more like year around planning), but I think I could do that.

1 thought on “Reno could be interesting

  1. I hope we can get the word out and get a good turnout! I think it’s going to be a ball, getting a bunch of gunbloggers and mil-bloggers together like that!

    …..Mr. C.

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