Boomershoot 2006 blogging part I

Mr. Completely and Jerry the Geek have both made positive comments about Boomershoot 2006.

Thanks guys. 

Jerry, as he points out, provided some memorable tips for Boomershooting back in ’99 which I am quite fond of.  I get comments on those hints every once in a while.

I really should go have dinner with Mr. Completely–I was invited two months ago and never got around to it.

Update: Doing a little searching I came up with a bunch more posts.  Some of which I had seen and forgot about in my early morning (I tend to agree with my daughter Kim who says, “Afternoon IS early”) haze.  I cut off the list of posts at January 1, 2006.

5 thoughts on “Boomershoot 2006 blogging part I

  1. Yeah. I figured that. Same exact text and all. But I tend to be anal about things like that. Every link is a link. Don’t thow out data, etc.

    I have places that pull my content into their link farms too.

  2. The invite’s still open! Check my blog for CWSA match schedule, and maybe make it out for a pin shoot, then dinner after.

    Did you pick a slogan yet for Boomershoot 2006?

    ……Mr. C.

  3. I came up with a list of finalists for the slogan but haven’t picked the winner yet.

    I’m only in the area on weekdays so I don’t think the pin shoot would work out. I’ll send you an email this weekend sometime on another time for dinner.

  4. I’ll be in Portland over the weekend at Casa de Rivrdog, sorting out details and testing the new pin tables for the pin shoot we are putting on Mar. 11th., so I may not respond until Mon. night. After all, somebody’s got to make sure those pins fall over when you shoot them.

    …….Mr. C.

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