Quote of the day–Debbie O’Brien

You’re in hell. You’re just struggling to have a life, and then I realized that would include the gun.

Debbie O’Brien
Seeing Crime Guns Destroyed Gives Solace to Victims’ Families
January 4, 2006
New York Times
[Odd, isn’t it, that this seems appropriate to  some people?  Would cars involved in fatalities invoke a similar reaction?–Joe]

1 thought on “Quote of the day–Debbie O’Brien

  1. The term “bigotry” tends to spring to mind, like if a racist finds out a minority committed a crime, then associates the crime with all members of that minority. She is in effect not blaming the gun. She is, by association, blaming all gun owners, then calling for punishment of all gun owners. She may as well hang a gun owner in effigy, or burn a copy of the Bill of Rights, in response. That would be more honest – Burn the Bill of Rights.

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