Quote of the day–Ry Jones

He’s clearly nuts.

Ry Jones
December 27, 2005
[Referring to this guy thinking government regulation could prevent abuse of a mandatory Universal Biometric ID and such a system was inevitable.  See also some of the on-line clashes I have had with him.  He is also my number one suspect as to the person that gave PNNL the ‘tip’ to look at my blog and websites and if true is probably a conspirator in this felony.  See about half way down on this page for more details.–Joe]

6 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Ry Jones

  1. Joe,

    You’ve got to be kidding me. This guy is getting paid to speak, while advocating one of the most phenomenal infringements on American citizens, as he cites himself as a “civil rights” attorney?

    Self-parody cannot be beat.


  2. I’m not sure he was paid, but the rest of your conclusions are correct. Further evidence that Ry has him pegged correctly is that he once claimed to me that in this country if someone shot and killed someone else it was up to them, and rightly so, to prove it was not murder. When I pointed out to him that the last time I checked “innocent until proven guilty” was still the law of the land he changed the subject.

    “He’s clearly nuts.”

  3. It’s always amusing to see those people like Ry, that would hand the Government unlimited power, in the belief the Government is a like a benevolent uncle that will protect you, and keep you safe at night.

    This ‘biometric’ system, could it “protect” us against second-generation citizens — turned suicide bombers, ala London? obviously not.

    So what purpose would it serve exactly?

  4. You will never see this man at boomershoot or any other venue where he can meet the people he vilifies. There are two reasons for this. Despite his protestations that guns are a crutch for those in the clutches of primal fear and insecurity, he is the practitioner of propping one’s self up on crutches.

    His crutch is irrationality. What most fail to understand about people like him, is that the issue is not about the issue. He cares not much about gun control. His stance is all about him. How he feels about himself, does he stand out, is he noticed, can he feel important, can he find an audience that will revere him?

    The answer to those concerns he has about himself is no, if he espouses a rational position. There is little unique enough about being rational to attract a great deal of attention. Therefore one cannot really bask in the glow of being sane amongst millions of other sane people. Ahhhh, but to feel important, to garner praise and puff up one’s own feeling of superiority when rationality will not suffice, irrationality is the answer. He can now feel that he is fighting a lonely, courageous battle against the barbaric hordes, and even if on some level he knows that isn’t true, it doesn’t matter, because he will receive credit for such from others as irrational as he is. Knowledge is the greatest fear of the irrational. For if they admit to it, they must surrender their crutches of irrational and false moral superiority.

    This is why the man has no problem claiming he is a civil rights lawyer while trying to destroy them. It is also the reason he is so ignorant. Think of all the things he does not, or claims not, to know about history, the nature of man, alternatives to the mechanics of what he claims are the cause of the problems instead of the tools of a few bad men and the tools of liberty and security of many many more good men. His ignorance of philosophy, and the immutable laws of physics as applied to a societal construct is staggering, yet he claims to be qualified to instruct others as to what tools of defense and security they “need”. Irrationality is his only trump card, he cannot abandon his irrational position for reality would force him off the stage.

    And for him, it is all and only about him.

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