This is what happens in places without guns–Case III

Massachusetts has some of the strictest gun control in the nation.  The Brady Bunch should be proud that the scumbag didn’t have a gun when he did this:

PLYMOUTH (AP) — A Framingham man is being held without bail on charges he kidnapped a woman and her two-year-old son and raped the mother repeatedly over a two-day period.

Police arrested Evandro Doirado Monday night after the woman silently mouthed “help me” to a liquor store clerk.

Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz says the victim was carjacked at knifepoint Saturday night in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart in Framingham. Cruz says the woman was raped twice in the car before being taken to the Plymouth Sands motel, where she was attacked again as the toddler cowered by the bed.

It was when Doirado took the victim to a liquor store on Monday night that she was able to mouth the words “help me” and the name of the motel to the clerk.

Cruz says Doirado did not know the woman and the attack appears to be random.

Yeah.  Real proud.  If the woman had been carrying a gun she probably wouldn’t have gotten carjacked to begin with.  The Brady Bunch and the politicians that listen to them should be on trial with the scumbag.