Our quadruplets

It’s not well known and I really hadn’t ever planned to tell anyone
but Xenia spilled the beans on her Live Journal so there’s no point in
continuing to hide it.  For the last 17 years we have told people
we have three children, James, Kim, and Xenia.  This photo is of

Yeah.  Identical quadruplets.  This will explain certain
other things people have long wondered about.  Xenia maintains two
Live Journals and her own website,
gets nearly straight A’s in school, has a boyfriend, and almost never
gets in trouble (she always has at least a couple alibis).  In
addition to it being rare to have identical quadruplets this set is
even more rare in that they have identical fingerprints.  I
figured this might come in handy someday but now that Xenia has spilled
the beans that game is pretty much over.  Oh, well… Merry
Christmas everyone.

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  1. I suppose. It wasn’t like I was saying you were in trouble or anything. It’s just that I didn’t want to say anything about it just yet.

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