Teaching girls is a capital offense

I just thought some of the people opposed to the war against the Islamic extremists would want to know about this:

KABUL, Afghanistan (Reuters) — Suspected Taliban guerrillas dragged a teacher from a classroom of teenagers in southern Afghanistan and killed him at the school gate after he ignored their orders to stop teaching girls, police said on Friday.

The fundamentalist Taliban banned education of girls during their rule before being overthrown by U.S.-led forces in 2001.

The guerrillas have carried out a series of attacks in the provinces on schools teaching girls since them, often burning them down at night.

{sarcasm}I suppose a case can be made for keeping women in their proper place.  We certainly have learned our lesson in this country–women got so uppity they demanded the right to vote and look at the mess that caused.{/sarcasm}

I don’t think the anti-war people in this country have a clue as to what we are up against.  This is a culture that not only wants to repress their own people but insists that we adhere to their religion tenets as well.  They gave us our choice, as their religion demands, “convert, submit, or fight.”  Trying to negotiate, insisting “war is always wrong” or “there is always another way” is willful ignorance or such a blind hatred of our freedoms (usually it’s capitalism) they are willing to side with these extremists who rather see us all dead than to suffer our enjoyment of freedom from their religion.  Read the transcripts of the demands by Osama bin Laden and those that are beheading innocent victims.  Then get a grip on reality and chose the only option we have–fight them with prisons, bullets, and explosives.