Deceitful news reporting

The Seattle PI reports:

In an effort to drum up support for a proposal requiring background checks on those who buy firearms at gun shows, a gun control advocacy group reported a survey strongly supporting the idea. 

Washington Ceasefire conducted the survey, asking 403 registered voters whether they would be more or less likely to support candidates who wanted to close a loophole in state law that allows gun sales without background checks at gun shows.

Current state law allows people to buy firearms at gun shows without a background check, although federal law requires such checks when the firearm is sold at a store.

There is a problem with this article.  This last sentence is false.  And I’m willing to bet (an extremely rare thing for me to do) the survey takers worded their question(s) in such a way that they mislead the people being surveyed in a similar manner. 

The truth is Federal law does not even define a gun show let along make some sort of exception for them.  The laws that apply at a gun store apply at a gun show, the parking lot at the mall, and your backyard.  There is a reason these people lie–the truth is painful to them.  They cannot hope to get their way if they stick to the truth.

2 thoughts on “Deceitful news reporting

  1. What they’re trying to do of course is outlaw private transfers. If they become outlawed at a gun show, they’re also outlawed everywhere else. This is because, as you say, there is no difference between the laws at a gun show and the laws anywhere else.

    If they succeed in this deception, we then will see a burgeoning black market in firearms. It reminds me of a bumper sticker; “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”

    I like how they tend to quote police chiefs. The Chief is a political position, and he has to answer to the mayor and other political critters. If they ask the guys on the regular law enforcement beat, the answer becomes just the opposite – “Private gun ownership (and by extension, private trading) is good for the community.”
    Notice how the Second Amendment isn’t mentioned in any of this. But that would end all the B.S. and so it would be too simple.

  2. A couple of facts they ‘forgot’ to mention, at least concerning the WAC shows here in Washington:

    1. Dealers selling at the show do NICS checks, paperwork, etc. They follow all the applicable laws.
    2. Noone at a WAC show can buy a gun unless they are a member, which includes a background check.
    3. Gun Control doesn’t work. But that’s too obvious.


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