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In case you hadn’t noticed the identical ads on so many different blogs, including the second one from the top here on the right.  Here is the story:

The MSNBC cable network plans to flood the Internet this week with its largest concentrated online pitch, running advertising on hundreds of Web sites and blogs. The cost of the campaign, to promote three prime-time programs, is estimated at just under $1 million.

There’s more to the story but basically they are trying to see if they can drive traffic from the internet to their cable channel.  They are advertising on 800 different blogs.  I wish I was getting 1/800 of $1,000,000 but I’m not.  I’m far, far cheaper than that.  So far they have had 24 clicks from 313 page views.  That, 7.67%, is a rather outstanding click through rate.  My boomershoot ad only gets 1.73% and the t-shirt ad currently on top gets 2.94%.

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