Help Washington Ceasefire

It’s an exceedingly rare event when I encourage people to help Washington Ceasefire rather than Washington Ceasefear.  But this is one of those rare times.  Ceasefire is conducting a poll.  The question of the poll is: “How serious do you think handgun violence is in Washington?”  Currently the results of the poll (on the main page, this may not last long) are:

Answer Votes Percentage
Not at all serious: 14 60.%
Very serious: 6 26.1%
Somewhat serious: 2 8.7%
Not very serious: 1 4.3%
A little serious: 0 0.0%

There are so few votes it’s not a good statistical sample.  Why don’t we help them out?  And just to be fair–only vote once.

Update (04:20, December 12, 2005): Analog Kid posted about the poll and his readers helped out too.  Thanks to everyone that participated. Here are the latest results:

Answer Votes Percentage
Not at all serious: 425 77.6%
Not very serious: 83 15.1%
Very serious: 27 4.9%
A little serious: 11 8.7%
Somewhat serious: 2 0.4%

1 thought on “Help Washington Ceasefire

  1. Looks like there’s a few more votes. Its no surprise that they are going to be going after the Gun Shows again. I expect them to also use the Tacoma Mall shooting as a springboard for a California Style black rifle ban. Renew your WAC membership and send $$ to SAF and CCRKBA if you haven’t already — its going to be a busy year.


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