4 thoughts on “Another naming contest

  1. I think that the word “Target” covers it just fine…

    Now all we need to do is come up with a points system…

  2. Boone and Crockett (http://www.boone-crockett.org) isn’t already on top of point system?

    As far as naming along the same line as yours I did think of this post of mine from this summer:


    Which lead to “Self-propelled Compost” and “Mobile Fill Material.”

    But I would never advocate such actions unless it was legally justified due to imminent permanent injury or death to an innocent person.

  3. Going with their own practice of naming things by using exact oposites (claiming to be “pro choice”, “progressive”, advocating “crime reduction”, the “NAACP” and so on) how about “Patriotic, intelligent and level headed Americans”?
    Too obscure?

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