Perhaps I’m easily amused

As long time readers will know I watch my log files pretty close.  In the last month or two I have had occasion to be amused at some of the things I found.  For example I found the U.S. Justice Department doing a Google search for {“sheriff’s office” “clearwater county” idaho}.  I sent an email to the sheriff with the details.  In addition to just being a neighborly thing to do, Boomershoot is held in Clearwater County and I like staying on the good side of the people in the office.

I found another search by the IRS for {nancy amos}.  I don’t know if they were looking for the same Nancy that is my sister-in-law, but I was amused to send her an email telling her that it was.

Today I ran across something far more amusing.  Someone, at the IRS, did a search for Ayn Rand quotes:

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The irony of the IRS being interested in what Ayn Rand has to say is quite delicious.