Amusing contrast in the news

The Toronta Star says a brutal winter with colder than normal temperatures is coming.  Contrast that with the CBC story on all the people marching in downtown Montreal urging our government to sign the Kyoto treaty to prevent global warming.  The CBC story, even a single sentence all by itself, is an amusing contrast:

Thousands of people marched in frigid temperatures through downtown Montreal on Saturday as part of worldwide rallies to urge the United States and other countries to do more to curb global warming.

And people wonder why we call them barking moonbats.

4 thoughts on “Amusing contrast in the news

  1. Interesting dichotomy, and somewhat ironic.

    Although I definitely believe that a lot of junk science has been publicized with respect to global warming, there does seem to be a reasonable body of evidence from respectable scientists that the world climate – as a whole – is shifting into a warmer regime. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire planet is getting warmer though – my understanding is that some of the effects of warmer tropical and temperate climate temperatures, on average, include more severe weather. This would mean that we could experience greater extremes, both hot and cold, than over the previous couple of decades.

    Even if global warming, or other climatic change, is established as an actual measurable trend, it’s still entirely open as to what combination of factors causes it. Seems pretty unlikely that it’s due to human emission of greenhouse gases, other than as a very small percentage of the overall set of climatic drivers. Similar doomsday predictions, related to ozone holes and Ehrlich’s “Population Bomb” have proven to be pretty well incorrect.

  2. Yes. I know there is some evidence the earth is getting warmer. But the amounts predicted are in a degree or two (F) over decades. There is also evidence the polar ice caps are melting–on Mars! Which agrees with those that claim it’s a solar output effect rather than a human caused effect.

    All in all the greenhouse gas emissions claims are not credible and we must conclude the advocates of this hypothesis are either ignorant and/or enemies of capitalism. Hence I think of them as barking moonbats.

  3. Yep. The doomsayers tend to exaggerate. The rising sea levels that will soon doom our coastal cities are, in fact, projected to rise fractions of inches over centuries.

  4. Ah, but as they say, global warming can cause colder temperatures (didn’t you see “The day After Tommorow”?). In fact, no matter WHAT happens, it’s caused by global warming, especially if it’s bad. And as we all know, global warming is caused by capitalism, and/or by Republicans, and is therefore mostly America’s fault. Even “uncertainty” about global temperatures is our fault, and we must act now to end all uncertainty before we all die. Hence, America must sacrifice itself, while paying money to all other countries – especially socialist dictsatorships, since it’s our fault that they are poor.

    Like the lyrics from “Ten Years After”; Tax the rich, feed the poor, ’till there are no, rich no more.”
    Cool. Then What?
    Or Charles Manson; “Kill all rich people and burn their houses and cars.”
    A great insight into the leftist mind.

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