Boomershoot t-shirt slogan

It’s time for me to create the next Boomershoot t-shirt (and mugs, hats, thongs, etc.).  If you have a slogan you think would especially appropriate let me know and if I use it I’ll give you a free shirt, mug, whatever with that slogan on it.

Send your entry to  Enter as many times as you like.  I will be the final judge on what is used.  All whiners complaining about not winning will receive an ammonium nitrate prill as a consolation prize if they show up at Boomershoot 2006 to claim it (valued at $250/ton–one prill weighs approximately 1 grain).  Boomershoot helpers, friends and family members are all welcome to submit entries.  Deadline is December 15, 2005.  Here are previous years slogans:

  • 2001–THE BIG BANG!
  • 2002–Guns.  Explosives.  I was there.
  • 2003–Project Fireball 2003
  • 2004–A ton of explosives.  Fun beyond measure.
  • 2005–Exercise your freedom with guns and explosives.

Update: The slogans proposed so far.  I don’t want people entering duplicates:

  • A practical alternative to a wholesome day at work. [I think I would change this to “A wholesome alternative to a practical day at work.”–Joe]
  • A magical land full of rifles and explosives.
  • Good marksmanship has EXPLOSIVE rewards!
  • WHOO-WEE! That blowed up REAL GOOD!  [obscure SCTV reference]
  • Take your shot from the Grassy Knoll.  [get all sorts of Google traffic from JFK theorists.]
  • The smell of cordite. The sound of thunder.
  • Heads up! Here comes the anvil!
  • Prometheus suffered so you could do stuff like this. Don’t be ungrateful.
  • Welcome to Joe’s World!
  • Freedom smells like gunpowder
  • Feinstein’s worst nightmare: Families. Guns. Fun.
  • Sight alignment, trigger squeeze, holy shit!
  • Guns, Explosives, and the Pursuit of Happiness
  • Blow Shiite up
  • Famous potatoes explosives
  • Reach Out And Blow Something Up
  • This is my target.  There are many like it.  But this one explodes!  [based on the Rifleman’s Creed]
  • Peace Through Superior Marksmanship [I think I would change this to “Freedom Through Superior Marksmanship”–Joe]
  • The blood of the enemy!
  • Vini. Vidi. Boom. [I came. I saw. I blew stuff up.]
  • Don’t know Jesus??? I’ll make ya Holey !!! Braaappp….
  • Peace, Love, Explosives and Guns.
  • Got boom?
  • Got kaboom?
  • If you don’t get it, then never mind.
  • Life, liberty, and the pursuit of kaboom…
  • I shit you not – we shoot bombs. [Hint to others.  We NEVER use the ‘B’ word at Boomershoot.–Joe]
  • We shoot bombs. [Ditto the previous comment.]
  • Get a big BANG for your buck.

11 thoughts on “Boomershoot t-shirt slogan

  1. Famous <strikeout>Potatos</strikeout>Explosions

    Reach Out And Blow Something Up

    This is my target. There are many like it. But this one explodes!
    ( based on the Rifleman’s Creed )

    Peace Through Superior Marksmanship

  2. Peace, Love, Explosives and Guns.

    (a variation of my unstated company motto; Peace, Love, Understanding and Guns)

  3. If I had a vote (which I don’t), I’d vote for the previously mentioned “A magical land full of rifles and explosives,” because that’s what it felt like to me!

    Failing that, “Veni, Vidi, BOOM” is pretty cool.

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