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Despite the best efforts of the hoplophobes, the U.S. remains way ahead of most other jurisdictions in the matter of firearms freedom. Recently an English jeweler, whose shop had been raided twenty times in twenty years, repelled borders by seizing the firearm of one of the bandits who broke into his shop. With the captured firearm he shot both of the bandits, though not fatally.

This was in England, and, of course, he was immediately in a great deal of trouble. He was fined 2,000 pounds for “illegal use of a firearm,” 100 more for possession of ammunition which was related to another weapon, plus 1,050 more pounds for prosecution costs. This whole affair is costing the jeweler over $6,000 in American money, plus his attorney’s fee.

Just how this sort of idiocy is justified in the eyes of the British courts is unclear, but though we find a lot of domestic jurisprudence pretty bad, such things can get worse.

Jeff Cooper
From Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries
Vol. 3, No. 12
October 1995
[This idiocy is easily justified in the eyes of the British–if they subscribe to the cattle philosophy of human governance.  See?  It all makes sense now.–Joe]

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  1. Socialists (and criminals) feed off of our weaknesses and fears. It stands to reason that they would try to perpetuate both weakness and fear.

    A strong and confident people has no tolerance for them.

    You might say that the socialist and the criminal benefit from each other, that they have a symbiotic relationship– the criminal helps keep the people afraid and more willing look to govenrment for solutions, while the socialist government keep the people helpless from the criminal. Maybe that’s why we’ve recently seen a gangster and convicted murderer niminated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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