Kidnapped, beheading stats in Iraq

I ran across these stats in a UK newspaper:

  • Insurgents in Iraq have kidnapped more than 200 foreigners since the invasion in 2003
  • Of these, 52 are known to have been killed by their captors — 41 in 2004 and 11 in 2005
  • Of those killed, three were American and two were British
  • Margaret Hassan, an aid worker, was kidnapped on her way to work in October 2004 and is believed to have been shot. Kenneth Bigley was beheaded after being kidnapped in September, 2004
  • Approximately 55 foreign nationals are currently being held hostage in Iraq

With stats like that it’s amazing to me there are leftist “peace activists” that complain about U.S. soldiers putting a “holy book” on top of a toilet.  I’m with Clayton on this–the left is completely “losing it”.

You would think the “religion of peace” and peace activists would get along well.  But currently the extremists for the “religion of peace” are holding some Western peace activists with a sword hanging over their heads:

AN ELDERLY British man and three other Western peace activists kidnapped in Baghdad appeared last night in a video released by an unknown insurgent group that labelled them “spies of occupying forces”.

Friends of Mr Kember dismissed the spy claim as outrageous. “He would never ever dream of doing anything like spying,” Bruce Kent, the veteran peace campaigner, told the BBC. “The last thing he would do would be working for the British Government.”

Mr Kember’s family released a statement yesterday saying that he had gone to Iraq “for a short time to join a peace group that’s talking and listening to people of all persuasions, believing that dialogue not confrontation should help to bring about conciliation. He feels very strongly that the occupation in Iraq is a mistake.”

These naive fools need to read a little bit of what Osama bin Laden has to say about things.  He is very clear on things–convert, submit, or die.  Think about it.