What a difference ammo makes

Just a hint for those of you that look for the cheapest ammo you can find.  Same gun, same shooter, same range, same day:

Hunting ammo.

Match ammo


4 thoughts on “What a difference ammo makes

  1. I only had the two boxes of factory ammo with me that day. Just the ammo I bought for hunting and the match ammo. I haven’t looked for the cheapest stuff I could find for that gun.

  2. I don’t understand the physics there. The Federal actually appears to have less vertical dispersion that the much tighter Black Hills group. And what would cause the wide horizontal dispersion?

  3. I think there was a shooter induced flyer for that low Black Hills shot.

    The horizontal dispersion was probably just random variation. The next five shot group could have veritical dispersion. Try using target view of Modern Ballistics with a five shot group and a 1 MOA cartridge. “Reshoot” ten times and you’ll see vertical lines as well as horizontal lines. Five shots just isn’t a big enough sample to say a whole lot.

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