D.C. or Iraq?

Where would you be less likely to be killed?  As a resident of Washington D.C.?  Or an american serviceman in Iraq?  Don Kates has the answer:

Drastically increasing homicide led Washington, D.C., to ban handguns in the 1970s. So useless was this that D.C. soon had (and continues to have) the nation’s highest murder rates. Today, its residents have a 25 percent higher chance of being murdered than American troops in Iraq have of dying from enemy action.

Lots of other great stuff in the article too.  This, from the same article, is basically my Just One Question posting:

In a study published last December, the National Academy of Sciences, having reviewed 43 government publications, 253 journal articles, 99 books, and its own research, could not identify even one example of gun control that reduced murder or violent crime.

Update: It’s been pointed out to me the article quoted has been updated.  The information was wrong.  Apparently monthly casualty rates in Iraq were being compared to yearly rates in D.C.  Sorry about that.