Quote of the day–Dar Korra’ti

anti-gun lobbyists think that anyone, at any time, can turn into a raving lunatic and, if armed, start effectively killing people. laura is an example, having said something pretty much to this effect in this folder at one time or other. under this operating idea, firearms bans would be a pretty good idea. they also tend to think that collections of people act more rationally than individuals, and that therefore, governments which represent collections of people (rather than, say, parasitic elites) are not to be taken as concerns.

pro-gun lobbyists think that most people will not turn into raving lunatics, under pretty much any circumstances; those that do are the fairly rare exceptions that the rest of us sane folk need to be able to protect ourselves against. under this paradeigm, firearms bans make no sense whatsoever, as the lunatics and criminals won’t care about them anyway. they also tend to think that collections of people are more likely to get Real Bad Ideas than individuals (the mob effect, or as put in Men in Black, “A person is smart. People are weird, panicky and stupid.”) and have more power to exercise those Real Bad Ideas. Therefore, power groups (such as governments) are to be monitored carefully and not allowed to accumulate too much power.

both, fundamentally, have fear issues. the question is, whose fears ring true with you?

Dar Korra’ti
Friday, August 14, 1998 11:23 AM
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