Quote of the day–Gun Control Network (U.K.)

This Website will outline our aims, which are simple, and the ways you can help, which are many.

The job of this network is not to convince people that guns, especially handguns, are dangerous. Everyone knows that already. The vast majority want to see handguns prohibited completely and much tighter controls on all other weapons.

Our job is to convince the law-makers that they must listen to the majority, and not be swayed by the selfish minority.

Gun Control Network (U.K.)
From http://www.gun-control-network.org/gcnhome.htm
As of March 3, 1999
[They completely miss the point that because guns, especially handguns, are dangerous make them an extremely useful tool for self-defense.  That is unless they subscribe to the “cattle theory” of government where all people are equally valuable and the loss of any human life no matter how vile a crime they are committing when they are shot by an innocent victim is a tragedy.  So we are left to conclude either they are ignorant and/or they are immoral.–Joe]