Sunday afternoon accomplishments

This afternoon was much more productive than my wallowing in self-pity this morning.  I accomplished a bunch of stuff and still have other things in the queue:

  1. I purchased 200 rounds of Winchester Ranger self-defense ammo in .40 S&W.
  2. I purchased 50 rounds of 52 grain moly coated Blackhills Match ammo in .223 for testing purposes.
  3. I implemented on-line entry for Boomershoot 2006.
  4. I posted Eugene Econ’s details on the Precision Rifle Clinic for
  5. I fixed various errors on web pages.

4 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon accomplishments

  1. To clarify, the link to the Boomershoot site works fine, but on the Boomershoot site, the link to the entry .doc for the clinic comes up with the “this page cannot be displayed” screen.

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