Mathematically challenged?

If the vote was 44,000 to 38,000 would you say the voters were “evenly divided” on the issue?  How about 44 to 38?  I haven’t done the statisical tests on the significance of a sample size of 82 but my gut feel is you can’t justifiably call that “evenly divided”.  Yet that is what this newspaper article does:

The issue of handgun control is a controversial one, with many people saying curbs on sales of handguns will reduce crime, while others feel it’s important to protect Americans’ constitutional right to own firearms.

Visitors to the Star Courier’s Web site were evenly divided on the question last week.

The online poll asked whether people favored tougher restrictions on buying handguns in Illinois.

Of the 82 who voted, 44, or 54 percent, said “no” and 38 said “yes.”

I think I see some spin being placed on the outcome.  Either that or the Star Couier Staff need to retake 1st and 2nd grade math.

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  1. Funny that, I seem to remember comparable percentages being touted a “large” margin in SF.

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