Steve has a question on concealed carry

Steve at random thoughts is from England and has some questions about why we have such an intense interest on being able to carry concealed.  In one link (I don’t have time for this until tonight) this is my answer.

Be gentle.  He is a friend of mine.

Update: Steve and I had lunch together today.  After chatting about “old times” and catching each other up on the people we both knew, the beauty of Montana, traveling with kids, how he met his wife, and a few other odds and ends he asked what I thought of his post.  “No”, I told him, “You didn’t sound a like a liberal gun hater.  You were thoughtful and asked a good question.”  Then I went about trying to answer his questions.  I explained that with all the studies that have been done they are unable to show any benefit from gun control.  There are between 1.5 and 3 million defensive uses of guns each year with only about 10 thousand crimes committed with guns.  Criminals, who violate the laws against murder, rape, and assault, will be less affected by any gun control efforts than the “good guys” that will be deprived of the tools to defend themselves.  And putting the onus on the gun controller I ask them my One Question.

Steve listened careful, understood what I was saying, but didn’t commit himself one way or the other.  That’s fine with me.  I enjoyed the time with him and that’s what was important.


1 thought on “Steve has a question on concealed carry

  1. What most anit-gun people don’t consider about concealed carry is that it protects them too. They may not ever carry a gun but that doesn’t keep the criminal from thinking that they might be carrying a gun. When concealed carry went into effect in Tennessee, armed robberies and car jackings went down by a significant amount. Criminals were not willing to take a chance that the person they are about to attack was carrying.

    Yes, having a concealed carry law does cause more people to carry guns. It is an increase in carrying only by law abiding citizens. The criminals were already carry guns before the law was passed.

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