Solving the worlds problems

I was talking with a new friend the other night–“Solving the worlds problems”.  And his solution was two fold; 1) Sterilize everyone at birth, 2) Put a chip, with a GPS and radio transmitter, in everyone’s skull at birth.

His thinking on item 1) was that after people really wanted kids then they would be able to get the sterilization reversed (we are talking utopia here, not the reality that many sterilizations can’t be reversed).  With only wanted kids the quality of the childhood environment would go up drastically and crime, child abuse, gangs, drug use, etc. would drastically reduce and our looming exhaustion of natural resources would be relieved.  On item 2) it was his belief that this would almost completely solve all crime where the criminal planned/hoped to escape.  His biggest concern was how to deal with all the police, prosecutors, judges, lawyers, and prison personal that would be put out of work by his grand plan.

I think I bruised my jaw from it hitting the floor so hard.  Apart from all the unsurmountable technical problems, with both 1) and 2), his ideas fail my Jews in the Attic Test in the most spectacle fashion I have ever seen.  I outlined the test and said his ideas would usher in a police state and result in the deaths of millions.  His response was that he would get rid of religion too so there wouldn’t be any need to hide “Jews in the Attic”.

Yup.  There really are people like that out there.  I tell you…just don’t get weirded out when someone starts talking and they will tell you the most “interesting” things.

He’s a nice guy and I like him.  He’s very entertaining–but I don’t want him voting.


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  1. I’m thinking of all the famous people who would have agreed with him, and the list, though large, is not one that would inspire the term, “good company”. Does he know that his idea of “doing away with religion” is far from novel?

    Next I think of how this “attitude” of his seems to have gotten so prevelant in America, and I can’t help coming back to our education system.
    Then I recall what I was thinking this morning in the shower; I can’t remember ever hearing of any teachers or school administrators, anywhere, picketing in favor of a free market.

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