Incoherent ramblings of an anti-freedom fighter

Gun Guys put up this post about a lawsuit that may be dismissed because of the recent law passed by Congress on frivolous anti-gun legal actions.  I’ve read the post three times now and still can’t make sense of it.  The facts are that a lawsuit was in the works blaming the manufacture, the dealer, a gun show operator, and “others” for the shooting of one Daniel Williams.  The gun used by the “mutant” shooter was illegally purchased at the gun show by one James Nigel Bostic. The Gun Guys say:

James Nigel Bostic is a criminal, and his criminal negligence costed Williams and many other victims of violence many things, physically and financially. Williams was a star high school basketball player, and lost a scholarship because of the shooting. Because of Bostic’s criminal actions (Buffalo News documented his straw purchases in a previous article), Daniel Williams’ life is forever changed.

And yet, because of the gun immunity bill (now the gun immunity law, passed by Congress under the gun industry’s lobbying), James Nigel Bostic will likely never see a day in court with Daniel Williams.

Because of this law, hundreds if not thousands of illegal dealers like Bostic will never see their day in court.

What they don’t mention is that in the source article for their posting is that Bostic is in prison because of his illegal purchases.

So Bostic broke the law, went to jail for it and Gun Guys are whining that he won’t have a day in court for his crime?

I guess the post doesn’t have to make sense to their audience–it just has to arrive at the conclusion that makes them feel good.