I know some interesting people

I started my collection of quotes and things in ’84. I now have over 8000 of them.  A lot are jokes and “fortune cookie” type things.  And a lot are quotes of dead presidents and politicians, that sort of thing.  But also I have collected quotes of some of the more interesting people I know.  If you ask the right question at the right time it’s amazing what people will tell you.

I know a guy that, even though a multi-millionaire, considered himself failing in his quest for more money.  I asked him what he would consider rich, in his terms.  He told me:

I will consider myself rich when I’m standing on the moon with the sunlight reflecting of my visor as I’m looking at my initials carved into the soil. They will be big enough and deep enough that when people on the earth look up they can see I was there.

That was just his start.  He also wants to be immortal and be the first man to set foot on Mars.

Barb says that I seem to attract “interesting” (my word, not hers–she uses “different”, “strange” and “weird” a lot) people.  What is amazing to me is how people will open up to you and tell you things if you let them.  Just don’t get all weird on them if they start talking about things that are a little “different”.  For example, Susie:

I was driving around late one night and turned around in a motel parking lot. These two truck drivers asked me to have coffee with them … it was the first time I ever had sex with two men at the same time.  It was like being plugged into an electric circuit — I knew then I could never be in a sexually monogamous relationship again.

Member of a swingers club.
December 9, 1997

I’m going to branch out into the more “interesting” side of human sexuality here from time to time.  There are some people that read this blog (or might) that about now are probably getting a little “concerned” about the quotes I might attribute to them.  Stay calm.  If I decide to use some of your “interesting” material that you probably would prefer remain private I’ll strip out all the identifying material before publishing it.