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One of the feature of my blog software is the ability to track the number of click throughs on the links in my posts.  The link to Xenia’s Live Journal post about lesbian porn was very popular.  It was was over eight times as popular as a typical link.  And the link to the lyrics of Penis Envy was over twice as popular as the typical link.

And all this time I thought it was guns and explosives that were what you guys had on your mind when you came here.  I should have known better.  The Gun Guy and Random Nuclear Strikes are gun bloggers and have far, far more popular sites than my blog.  Now I can’t attribute it to just the better writing and having been around longer.  They have their (near) weekly display of female flesh too.

I’m tempted to make one post a day with some moderately high, but probably still work-safe, sexual content.  However I’d need to be careful not to betray the confidences of certain people that have confided in me.  Something like these quotes:

Concerning coeds: If all those sweet young things were laid end to end, I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

Dorothy Parker

Whoever named it ‘necking’ was a poor judge of anatomy.

Groucho Marx

I believe that sex . . . is one of the most beautiful, wholesome, wonderful things that money can buy.

Steve Martin

Or perhaps as daring as these:

Q: Do aggressive women like “sensitive new age guys?”

Lydia: Yes. For breakfast, with sliced strawberries and chopped pecans on top.

December 4, 1997
In the email forum for Society for Human Sexuality
Which was followed by:
And now I’m *hungry*…

Docs are largely unprepared for people like us. New ones generally ask me what I’m doing for birth control. So I tell them: My girlfriend doesn’t come inside me, my boyfriend shoots blanks, and I don’t have a uterus. Next question???

From the Highteq email list

Saturday is my 51st birthday.  I’m going to the club and going to have sex with 25 guys, twice, then have sex with my husband for number 51.

September, 1997

Any thoughts on the idea of a new topic?


3 thoughts on “What my readers are Interested in

  1. Well…

    I don’t think I want to see a “near weekly display of female flesh”…

    There are a couple of other bloggers that do that. It’s pleasant and all, but that’s not why I visit you, and it doesn’t seem like you. The Gun Guy has his thing for what he calls Old Broads, and they’re wonderful examples of what beauty resided in ladies of the past. As opposed to ladies now (shudder). Analog Kid has a thing for glutes, which is very nice IMHO.

    Those are sidelines for them. A celebration of the female form.

    We know that you enjoy the female form by your comments about spending entire days in bed with your wife with only bathroom and food breaks.

    But you don’t seem to be the type to drool over pictures of ladies in their undies (or less).

    And that’s not why I visit the other guys, or you. It’s icing on the cake with them, but sometimes you don’t want icing.

    That’s my thoughts on it. But this is your place and you can do what you want. And if you bring some occasional icing, I won’t stop coming by to read what you say. And I’ll most likley enjoy the icing, too.

    I clicked through on the Xenia link because I think it’s interesting how you talk to your kids, and how you treat them as people rather than acoutrements.


    I hope your day goes well, good luck in the new job, and go give your wife a kiss and hug.

  2. Joe,

    It’s the nature of the beast. A brief purview of my apartment would reveal to the most unobservant visitor that I am a bachelor, heterosexual, and deeply obsessed with firearms.

    Have a great weekend,


  3. Now, now, you set this one up yourself. Posting a link advertising “lesbian porn” is like giving cantharides to a bull. You’ll get a reaction, and you know what it is going to be, too — lots and lots of click-thrus, in this case.

    Freddy’s “icing on the cake” analogy is just about perfect. I don’t like to eat icing (or cake, for that matter) every day, but if, in the middle of just about any meal, somebody brings me a cupcake with icing, I’m gonna eat it.

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