I sometimes feel sorry for myself when I think of the crimes certain bigoted PNNL employees committed against me and are currently getting away with.  But my troubles are nothing compared to what some of these people have suffered at the hands of like minded bigots.  For example:

In 1993 I accepted a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence (my atty confirmed it wouldn’t affect my gun rights) in response to slapping my rebellious teenage son. A single offense, which 3 years later automatically made me a “prohibited person”. Now 13 years later I’m being charged with a felony because my son’s Ruger 10/22 was found in my home. I’m sorry but regardless of what several circuit courts around the US say, this is expost facto and unconstitutional. We learned that in 6th grade civics class!

I don’t have any problem with laws that are made public so a person would have knowledge of the consequences. But to take ones rights away retroactively is just NOT RIGHT! Even today judges do not warn defendants in domestic violence suits that they will lose their 2nd Amendment rights for life if convicted. If I had known that, I would have requested a jury trial and spent a fortune defending myself.

I know of another old timer that paid a $5 fine for domestic violence in 1947 and lost his rights and entire gun collection in 2000 due to this law. He is still happily married to the same woman 58 years later.

Bigotry is never pretty but when it’s enforced by the government it’s particularly ugly.