Lessons to learn

From a LA Times article:

Kappe likens it to the no-smoking movement: “Community by community, you restrict access without banning it. And finally, the Legislature takes notice.”

We lost a lot of ground in the last few decades in our battle for freedom and not just 2nd Amendment related freedoms either. Recently we have been making some progress on the 2nd Amendment front but it’s a tough fight. Learning from our enemies successes is a useful endeavor. We can learn how to defeat their game plan as well as how to adapt their winning tactics to our own agenda. Reading the profiles of their warriors is instructive.

The warrior Kappe is talking about above, Sayre Weaver, is a smart, dedicated, activist with a specialized skill useful to their fight. There isn’t a multi-million member organization behind her. She is essentially a one person war machine. She has approached her fight against freedom by chipping away at it pieced by piece. She is winning one small skirmish at a time and gradually marginalizing access to and the use of firearms. We can do the same in the reverse direction. For example; get the attention of the press with your wholesome shooting events.

I suspect it was this coverage of one of my shooting events that caused so much alarm by some anti-freedom bigot they conspired to get me fired from my previous job. If it causes them so much pain they are willing to risk committing felonies to stop you then you know are being effective.

We have some momentum now, lets learn from our enemies successes, learn from our succeses, and let’s keep it moving. She is just one person and is making a big difference. You too can make a big difference.