Bigger and bigger

From Times Online (UK) regarding France:


4000 vehicles burned!  1300 of those on Saturday night.  Who is doing this?

… rioting by youths, mainly of Arab and African origin

Can you say “Muslim”?  Nope, I didn’t think you could.  But this is the line that really gets me:

The violence is widely blamed on the harsh rhetoric and tactics of Nicolas Sarkozy, the Interior Minister and UMP leader.

And just what is the proper response?  They don’t say.  They don’t want to have to admit it.  We have to destroy their extremist culture.

7 thoughts on “Bigger and bigger

  1. Of course, they don’t have anything like our 2nd Amendment in France, do they?

    How long do you think something like this would last in the average Idaho or Washington town? Heh! I’d think there would be at least a half-dozen American Riflemen with their cross hairs on each Jihadist.

    That’s what a lot of Americans are thinking right about now, I bet.

    And there’s a good question for the Leftist, anti American, anti 2nd Amendment activists– Why, do you suppose, is this muslim perpetrated street violence not happening here, where we are the primary focus of the Jihadists’ hatred?

    I wonder what some of the French are thinking about their wonderful, “peaceful” socialist system tonight. Or are they thinking of new ways that they might appease the muslims?

  2. Sure, why not? Destroying the extremist culture of the blacks after the South Central riots certainly worked.

    Oh wait. Rich blacks didn’t riot then, rich Arabs didn’t riot today. I wonder what that means…

  3. Faried, I’m not sure what you’re advocating. Just to make it clear, I advocate capitalism– liberty with the protection of property rights. That has led America to become the richest nation, with the richest “poor people” in all the history of mankind. If you want the poor to have a chance of improving their lot, remove government restrictions and protect property rights. If you want “rich people” to suffer, just to show them what its like, go for socialism– destroy property rights through mass confiscation programs.

    Others will call for more wealth confiscation and redistribution, i.e. socialism, as a means of placating the rioters. I maintain that such a policy (socialism) has proven itself to lead only to stagnation, decay, unrest, and mass death. This has been proven time and time again throughout the world.

    By the way, Bin Laden was (is?) imensely rich, by anyone’s standards.

  4. Faried Nawaz, please read Osama bin Laden’s letter to America ( to help understand the root of the problem–it has nothing to do with wealth.

    Lyle, of course they conclude the failure is insufficient socialism, not too much of it. See this posting of mine: There are some politicians that realize it’s a failure of socialism (also see my posting), but it’s rare.

  5. Strange. My comment from about twelve hours ago isn’t here.

    Anyway, my above comment wasn’t in response to the post, not your comment, Lyle. Though, I’m still annoyed that you brought up the Muslim angle. The riot was begun by French Africans, not French Arabs; the two kids who died were African.

  6. The comment may have been lost in a reboot or network outage. I’ve had some problems recently… Sorry about that. I was not intentional.

    The rioters are mostly, if not all, Muslims. Muslims all over the world are killing non-Muslims regardless of what country they live in or what country they are from. Take a look at Indonesia and Thailand for example.

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