Too big to ignore

Ry has been posting about it since Tuesday but it wasn’t until tonight that I saw anything in the mainstream (New York Times) about it.  Michelle Malkin has been all over it though (here and here).  I find it amusing in a sad, sick sort of manner the way the NYT talks about it:

France’s worst urban violence in a decade exploded for a ninth night on Friday as bands of youths roamed the immigrant-heavy, working-class suburbs of Paris, setting fire to dozens of cars and buildings as the government struggled over the violence and the underlying frustrations fueling it.

The unrest, which has also spread to other parts of France with large North African and Arab populations, prompted the American and Russian governments to warn citizens visiting Paris to avoid its poor, outlying neighborhoods. France reduced train service to Charles de Gaulle Airport after two trains became targets of rioters earlier in the week.

Look at the words they use to describe the rioters: “North African”, “Arab”, “bands of youths”.  It not until near the end of the article they dare to hint at reality:

While the vast majority of the young people behind the nightly attacks are Muslim, experts and residents warned against seeing the violence through the prism of religion. The cultural divide between these second- and third-generation immigrants and the native French is deeper because they come from Muslim families, but to date the violence has had nothing to do with Islam.

The cultural divide is because of Islam.  Islam calls for the death of anyone that leaves the faith.  Islam calls for non-Muslims to be subservient to Muslims.  Islam calls for the death of all Jews.  Until this extremist culture is destroyed they will be at war with us.  The French have an “interesting” situation on their hands.  How they deal with it and the results will have valuable lessons for all of us.