Manipulating the voters

While in the Seattle area the last few days I listened to talk radio some.  Last night on my way out of town I was listening to John Carlson.  He got to it in a roundabout way but what came out was the shocking revelation that Washington State Department of Transportation has been changing the traffic lights on major intersections to make traffic far worse than it would if the traffic lights were set correctly.  By giving priority to the minor streets the major streets end up with restricted traffic flow.  One of the callers claimed he had been told by DOT workers that they do that in the days and weeks prior to a vote on increasing taxes for DOT use.  The objective is to make traffic worse so the voters will think increasing taxes for road construction isn’t such a bad idea.

There’s probably no law against doing that but images of tar, feathers, and rails keep appearing in my mind.

1 thought on “Manipulating the voters

  1. Only in the arena of government services do we believe that receiving poor service is grounds for paying more;
    Teachers are dooing poorly? Pay them more.
    Our roads are poorly maintained? Pay them more.
    Law enforcement might be slipping? More money will fix it.

    You get poor service at a restaurant? Uh…
    Getting poor service at your local auto shop? Uh…

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